Notice: Google will shut off free third-party translation service

We have received a official message: Google Inc. will stop providing free translation services to third-party developers, in December 1, 2011. After that, must be paid to use the service and re-development.

We very much regret. This may affect the Language Translator Windows Gadget & Super Translator (2 in 1) for iGoogle, after this day may be in error. (These are also the most commonly used tools of our own.)


At present, we do not have solutions. because the Google translation fees are not cheap, but our all Gadgets are free.

Maybe you can use the Auto Translator for Windows Gadget, it is based on Microsoft Bing. But Microsoft also has a limited frequency. If many people use, it may not work.

We need to wait till that day to find ways to develop updated. (We hope that day arrives, nothing happened. Or google change their mind.)

In the second week of December, please look at our gadget updated or news. (Or use google official “web translator”.)

Thank you for your consistent support !

Update on December 2, 2011
Now, Google has stopped their service.